Thursday, October 7, 2010

Design for Reuse Primer

“Building green” is often linked with higher levels of energy efficiency or improved air quality. Even when considered, the sustainable materials market tends to focus on sustainably harvested materials or materials with recycled content. Yet, repurposing materials directly from the waste stream is the ultimate form of resource conservation.

The 15 diverse projects in the Design for Reuse Primer demonstrate new models of “building green.” Material reuse is always integral to a sustainable vision of how to tread lightly on the earth, be economically pragmatic, and nurture a community. From a school for children with learning differences to a center for holistic living, these case studies are intended to provide insights about the material reuse process in a wide variety of context. By discussing the challenges and demonstrating the benefits of reclaimed materials, we hope to demystify and inspire reuse.

The Design for Reuse Primer is part of a larger initiative to bring reuse stories to light. Stay tuned in the coming months for best practices from industry leaders, links to resources, and more stories from the field.

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