Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pictures from our new warehouse. The first round of deconstructed materials are coming in!

Deconstructing Portland

This is a home being sustainably deconstructed in Portland, Oregon by The Rebuilding Center. The owner plans to reuse some of this wood in the reconstruction of a home addition. The remaining materials will go to The Rebuilding Center's retail warehouse.

Salvaged wood flooring from a home deconstruction project.

blog launch

Hey there!
This is the first posting on our new Building Material Reuse Center blog.
We decided to create this blog in order to facilitate discussion about sustainable building deconstruction and material reuse practices.

Our group is in the process of fundraising and locating a warehouse in the Chicago area to operate a retail center for used building materials. This is a non-profit venture, and the Delta Institute and The Reuse People of America, are the primary project initiators.

The goal of this project is to divert material from the landfill, promote the creative and utilitarian reuse of building materials and sell these materials at a very low cost.

We have secured a temporary space for material storage and limited operations on the A Finkl campus on Goose Island. Once we identify a permanent location, we plan to operate on a full schedule. Coming shortly will be a link to a website for the Center. Until we move into our permanent home, we intend to post information and pictures of materials as they come in, and visitors will be able to purchase these materials on a limited basis.

More information to come...