Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wine Tasting Table by Candid Wines made from RX materials

This wine tasting table was created by Damien Casten of Candid Wines, a local organic wine distributor. Damien used all RX materials including; old growth lumber for the frame and industrial glass for the table top. Even the floor beneath the table was created from reclaimed 1x10 roof decking. Many thanks to Candid Wines for using so many RX materials.

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Candid Wines said...

Thanks RX!

The table was indeed created using all RX materials - old growth 2x4's for the top, one of your many windows, and a 4x6 plank that we cut down for the legs. It was not however created just by me - the design and brains behind the effort are from my father, Tom Casten, with a critical assist from my mom Judy as well!

For more pics of what we have done with RX matertials, visit some of our pics on Picasa: or check out the full gallery on Facebook.

Love what you do. Keep it up!